At my brothers’ 18th yesterday, my parents continued the tradition of giving a sword to the ‘young man’ as a coming of age gift. Dad spends ages thinking of a sword that has a meaning that reflects what he sees  in us, and what he sees we can become.

It’s made me think of the sword I received last year, and reminded me of the meaning behind it. I was given Balian’s sword from ‘Kingdom of Heaven’, with the meaning that this sword was passed down from father to son, marking the son as an heir. Balian grew up as a blacksmith’s son, but was in reality a Lord’s heir, and destined for greater things than he had dreamed. Balian kept to his values, no matter what the political and social schemes surrounding him pressured him to do, and he refused to abandon the ‘little people’ under his care.

I’m hoping that I’ll live up to this assessment of me, and I know that seeing that sword hanging on my wall will be a constant reminder of what my parents see in me.


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