Thought Dump

Sorry if this post seems random and confusing (and a little long), but I’ve really gotta just clear out my head.

I just finished an assignment on the theology behind the Arian controversy. To put the result simply, Arius was a heretic of the worst sort, and I spent most of the assignment wanting to throw anything expounding his theology as far away from me as possible. Arius had denied the divinity of Christ, instead saying that he was a ‘created creature’ who attained ‘sonship’ through a high moral standing, a stance that was met with great hostility by a large majority of the Church.

The assignment was hard to grapple with, as I had to maintain an objectivity that didn’t come easily concerning this issue. So in a way I suppose I reacted in the same way as the leaders of the church in Arius’ time did, so at least I’m on the well-worn Christological track that the Church has stuck to since the beginning – which is a good thing.

Also, for some reason I’m becoming more interested in the Australian political system, and the various policies that are being argued and proposed. Of everything, the policy that has been standing out to me the most is the policy to introduce a ‘filter’ on the internet.

While I can agree with the aims of the Labour Government, which are to prevent harmful exploitation of Children, and to prevent Children from seeing inappropriate websites, the method they are using to achieve this goal is flawed. In a nutshell, the national filter proposed will greatly slow down the Australian internet (which seems stupid considering the plans to upgrade Australia’s broadband network to provide both faster and more reliable internet access), be easily avoided by anyone with even a basic knowledge of proxy server sites (which route blocked sites through ID’s that the filter recognise as OK), would provide a structural framework for a potential government censorship program, and would not prevent the underground sharing of Child Pornography through unofficial servers or online file sharing systems. I won’t even go into the effects that it would have on the gaming culture of Australia (which is two large and complex to even enter into here).

The money Labour is fueling into this proposed plan would be better spent educating parents about the dangers of the internet (so that they can properly supervise and protect their own children), both in terms of online games and the darker side of the internet, and providing information on private filtering devices (that can be installed on home computers and give parents the options concerning what is blocked and what is not). Also, providing more money and training to the police forces who specialise in the infiltration and arrest of the underground groups that share images of the exploitation of Children would have a greater effect on the spread of those images.

Again, sorry if this post seems overly long, but I really needed to get both of these thoughts out there in order to clear out my head.


3 responses to “Thought Dump

  1. It’s nice to find another person whose not afraid to talk about things more important than the footbal on Facebook.
    re: your assignement, sounds interesting, enough for me to at least go and wiki it. In terms of your reaction I would encourage that you continue to strive for objectivity. Ensure your criticisms stem from a thought-out breaking down of the ideas put forward, not a knee-jerk reaction to a proposition that conflicts with ideas in which you are emotionally invested. To feel upset about something that was widely acknowledged as ludicrous by a large majority incidicates that you feel threatened by the ideas. At least that’s what I found in my experience. I learnt best from this fact by exploring why I found certain ideas threatening, despite the credit/discredit they were given by peers in the religious, academic and even social circles.
    With the internet filter I agree with you in every possible way. Even as a gamer. (Or especially as a gamer). It’s basically the wrong solution to a huge problem. I like what you said about using the money to finance the educating of parents. It brings it back home, to the family structure and puts responsibility back into the household where it has become seriously lacking. It also highlights the need for parents to take the Internet and gaming, but also more especially social tools like Facebook/Myspace etc. more seriously in terms of how they are used, and the desperate need for people to understand and acknowledge the subcultures therein.
    nice blog by the way. Your quite articulate. You went to RJAS I believe.
    Looking forward to reading more, and hoepfully something will come up that I can disagree on 🙂

  2. I suppose that everything needs to be bought back home. The government is trying to make a safer internet by using a one size fits all method. I fully support not exploiting children but really parents should be doing this themselves. We are beginning to live in a society where the education system and government needs to teach and monitor people but in reality don’t have sufficeint resources to do it for the individual; they can try to make one for everyone but it will fail.

    I suppose what we really need is not education for parents but for parents to actually to be responsible for their children, and not leave things up to the Government or education department.

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