Partnership Mission

Yesterday, I came home from partnership mission (a college thing where students get sent out in groups to churches around NSW), which I spent at Swansea baptist church. The whole week was great, and I suppose that this is a summary (kind of) of the things that I’ve learned/realized over that time:

  • I am not suited to be a scripture teacher. We spent some time at scripture classes (I helped out at three – kindy, 3/4, and year 6), and I don’t think that I’ve got the personality or desire to be a scripture teacher (although, I might help out with year 6’s if the occasion arises – and I have a better idea of what needs to happen).
  • The way that Swansea Baps is set up is amazing. It’s a long story, but the church bought a gym in the area (cause they were running out of space in their old building), and ended up building a church room within the gym’s premises. They still run the gym, and the ministry opportunities within are amazing. While I don’t think that their set up would work for every church, the way in which they are meeting and talking to people who would not normally step anywhere near a church is awesome.
  • No matter what anyone told me, I found it much harder to speak in front of people I didn’t know, than to speak in front of people I do.

All up, the whole week was incredible, and I can’t wait to see what the trip in my third year brings me.


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