The worship in College chapel was awesome today! One of the things that had a great impact on me was the change they made to the song ‘In Christ alone’ – they changed all of the words with a personal outlook to words with a communal outlook (“my” to “our”, “me” to “us”, etc). There’s something amazing and awe-inspiring about 150+ people all singing the words “In Christ alone, our hope is found. He is our light, our strength, our song”. For me, it changed what is normally a very ‘me focused’ song into a triumphant battle cry, and one that I think many churches need.

Aside from this, the worship was generally a recall for me to surrender my life to God, which I willingly and wholeheartedly did. The missional focus of the worship also served to affirm some ideas that I’ve been throwing around my head (along with some serious prayer), and will most likely tell you all about when I’m good and ready.


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