I felt that I should do a follow-up (of sorts) on my last post. While I generally find worship music incredible and energizing (especially performed live by people I know – College or Church especially), most of the music that I listen to isn’t what people would call ‘Christian’. I’ve always loved music from the late 70’s to early 90’s, and I think that many of the songs from this are still have something to say to my Generation (gen Y), and to me particularly.

One of the songs that has hit me recently was ‘Solid Rock’ by Dire Straits. Within the first verse alone was a description of what life in general can dissolve into when we aren’t careful, and then the Chorus provides the cry that a large amount of people (in my view at least) are crying out every day. The whole song is worth reprinting here, so here are the lyrics:

Well take a look at that
I made a castle in the sand
Saying this is where it's at you know
Couldn't understand now
If I realised that the chances were slim
How come I'm so surprised when the tide rolled in
I wanna live on solid rock
I'm gonna live on solid rock
I wanna give I don't wanna be blocked
I'm gonna live on solid rock
Well I'm sick of potential
I'm sick of vanity now
I'm sticking to essential reality now
I don't know what's worse
Try to make a silk purse
Living an illusion living in confusion
Well a house of cards
Was never built for shock
You could blow it down in any kind of weather
Now two solid rocks two solid blocks
You know they're gonna stick
Yeah they're gonna stick together
Because the heart that you break
That's the one that you rely on
The bed that you make
That's the one you gotta lie on
When you point your finger cos your plan fell through
You got three more fingers pointing back at you
I wanna live on solid rock
I'm gonna live on solid rock
I wanna give I don't wanna be blocked
I'm gonna live on solid rock

I will be the first to admit that some of the music that I listen to can be a load of rubbish (but I’m gonna listen to it anyway), but it’s songs like this (and many others – Billy Joel’s ‘River of Dreams’ is another example) tha bring me to a deeper understanding of myself (in a sense), and of the life I should be living as a man (and warrior) of God.

I still respect those who have decided to (mostly) not listen to non-christian music (as long as they’re not trying to push that on anyone else), I believe that there are too many Gems within the music I listen to (and continue to embrace further) to completely remove  myself from them.


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