I’m currently preparing a tag team Youth Group talk with my Girlfriend. We picked the topic ‘To know Jesus means to have righteous relationships’, and opened it up for the youth to ask us any question they wanted to. The response we got was amazing, and the kind of questions that they asked were incredible!

I’m still reeling from the shock of finding out how the Youth of my church seemed to be wrestling with issues relating to relationships, and that they seem to trust me (and my girlfriend) to address some of these issues – things like Relationship boundaries or why and when to start dating.

While answering some of these questions have been really hard, it’s been worthwhile to grapple with them personally, as most of it has caused me to sort out how my Girlfriend and I apply/relate some of these issues to our own relationship. So the whole experiance has been one of learning and growth for me (and for My girlfriend), and I’m hoping that the youth will be taking something home with them from the talk when we give it.

Oh….and to any of the youth reading this, I’d really like to appologise in advance for how long this talk is going to turn out being. But you had questions, and we have answered them! If you’d been less curious, it wouldn’t have taken as long – but then again, the learning and growth experiance has been worth it (and I hope that it’ll be worth it for you guys too) , and it’s too late to take the questions back now!


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