catch up

Sorry I haven’t been posting much in the last few months. Between general busyness and not having much to say, I’ve kinda let this blog slip. So here’s a sort of catch up summary.

I’ve been on break from college, so there haven’t been too many new ideas coming in that I’ve needed to talk about. I do want to say that ‘Predators’ was a great movie, and if you like that sort of thing (2 hours of a short plot followed by people getting slaughtered) and you haven’t seen it yet, do so.

Australia’s been hurtling toward the national vote for a few months now. While I still plan to vote depending on the issues that I find important, I have had Romans 13:1-7 on my mind for a few days. After hearing some people slamming both major parties, and telling everyone listening that they should vote for one group or another – since, if we get a government that does not hold to the ideals of the Christians, we are to blame – and personally struggling with these calls to attempt a return to some form of ‘Christendom’ – the total union between the church and the state (Which I, and many others I know of, thankfully consider as dead) – I found these verses while flicking through my Bible. In them, Paul is telling the Roman church that they should submit and respect the governing authorities, since God has placed them in their positions for a reason. For Paul to write this to the Roman church at this time (during the hight of the Neronian persecution) seems to be crazy. He is telling the Christians to submit to (never, however, at the expense of disobeying God) and respect the ruler who is slaughtering them in hundreds. It is with this state of mind that I’m approaching the election – whichever party takes power, I have a responsibility to respect and submit to them (unless submiting to them goes against the will and moral requirements of God). My time on this earth is an opportunity to help grow the kingdom of God, whatever the circumstances.

While I have more to say, I believe that this is a good stopping point for this post. Sorry about the length, and God bless.


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