The Battle

During the college break, the youth group at my church had a weekend camp. The time I spent at the camp was exactly what I needed, and I know that God had re-enforced the current calling that I feel upon my life (youth work), and I spent a long time reflecting upon some of the things that were important to me, and some of the struggles that I have been going through. The result of those reflections was the poem I’ve rewritten below.

The Battle

Though the war is far from over,
And this battle, it seems so lost.
Still we continue charging the line,
We’ll follow You, no matter the cost.

For You alone are worthy,
Of honour and power and praise.
And no matter how long this war will last,
We know Your flag will be raised.

As comrades, we stand together,
Despite our wounds and our scars.
As sword-brothers we keep on fighting,
For we know that You are not far.

You, our Lord, our God, our King,
Our General, our Saviour, our Friend.
We know that You are on Your way,
And this war, it soon will end.

Desperate, we stand with shields held high,
As we’re battered again and again.
We hold out hope, though all seems lost,
One way or another, this is the end.

Then shouts and horns, relief is here,
The enemy flee from Your glory,
We, the victors, start praising You,
Our lives to tell Your story.

In the explanation that I provided for the poem, I said that Christians in our society do not often realise that there is a spiritual battle to be fought, and even when they realise that something’s going on, they often do not realise that they are the ones that have to fight it (I’ve always liked the image of people arriving at this ‘destination’ called Christianity dressed and acting like they are expecting a beach resort, and are promptly handed armour and weapons and told to fight). I wrote ‘The Battle’ as a way of sorting through all of the things that I’ve learnt about Spiritual Warfare, and to help re-enforce the need to fight when things get tough. The use of ‘we’ instead of ‘I’ is partly an expression of frustration and rebellion concerning the stress that modern christians tend to put on the personal aspects of Christ’s work (rather than the communal aspect that is truly church), and partly a shout out to the band of ‘sword brothers’ that have recently been founded at my church, they’ve been there for me during some pretty dark times, and I’m thankful for them.

I’m sorry if this has been heavy going with the theology, and if my personal thoughts on this (often contentious) matter has upset any of you, and I welcome your opinions (as always).

God Bless.


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