I’ve had a lot on my mind for the past week, and I’m still not quite sure how I’m gonna go tackling all of them, but here goes:

For one of my subjects at college, I’ve been reading through the book “Promoting the Gospel” (by John Dickson). There’s a lot that he says, even in the few chapters I’ve read so far, but all of it has been very striking. One of the most helpful things that the book has said so far is that not all Christians are called to be evangelists, but all are to be evangelistic in their approach to life. Living evangelisticly essentially refers to living a Godly life, praying for people you know, and answering questions raised about Christianity, not just to telling people outright about God.

The big problem with this is that people don’t often realise how important these other aspects are, and are often fairly hypocritical about their faith (the often mentioned ‘sunday-monday christian’ comes to mind here). We (as Christians) need to wake up and start living like we’re the children of the one true God, creator and ruler of the Universe, the one true King. We need to start living our lives for God’s glory, For his Kingdom. That’s the reason behind the ‘ftk’ in my username, it’s a public declaration that I’m not gonna live like a hypocrite, and that my life is the property of God alone.

On a side note, that link I posted is for FTK’s facebook page, FTK is a not-for-profit organisation set up for a lot of things (and their page says it better than I could), that encourages people to live For The Kingdom, and provides a place to start doing so. Check it out.

While there is so much more I think that I have to say (not about this, but about other stuff that’s been on my mind), I think that this is enough for this post.

As always, comments are welcomed, and discussion is valued.

God Bless,



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