My Life

I know that I haven’t posted anything for a while (but let’s face it, I have never promised regular updates!), but I wanted you all to know some of what is going on in my life right now, and get some of the thoughts swirling through my head written down somewhere.

Recently, I’ve started a ministry on the browser game ‘Tribal Wars’. There is a long history behind this decision, so bear with me for a moment…. For some time now I’ve wanted to get involved with the online gaming community and be a presence there. I’d had some experience playing online through Steam, and had forged some friendships within the heat to online combat. There were several barriers to this, many of which have not yet been overcome (things like a computer with which to play these games – I’d been using my brothers computer before and he was starting to get possessive – and my own internet connection over which to play – cause my parents were getting annoyed at the data usage). I’ve been praying for most of the year that God would open the way for these barriers to disappear, but they didn’t – and I grew increasingly discouraged. This came to the forefront again when I started my evangelism class at college, and I was told that one of my assignments would require 20 hours of ‘evangelism’ (with 5 of those being directly telling people about Jesus), and I began praying anew for these barriers to be taken away, since this was where I was convinced that my heart lay.

Out of these prayers came the prompting to rejoin ‘Tribal Wars’ (which I’d been playing on and off for about three years, and had given up ‘for good’ in early January), with the intention of being a light within that server, and particularly, the tribe that I joined as part of the game. So far it’s been a blast getting back into the game with a new focus, and the tribe that I joined is particularly friendly and a good platform for making connections and hopefully telling people about Jesus. I’ve been honest with the tribe about the fact that I’m a Christian (and a Bible college student), and have started offering to pray for people, and I’m praying that there will be something that comes of that. One thought that has come to mind recently has been ‘I’ve dreamed about being a light to Australian online gamers for so long, and God has opened up the whole world (with members of the tribe coming from America, Scotland, Germany, Tibet, and many other places)!’ So even if a ministry on Tribal Wars is much smaller in terms of computing power and interactivity (to a degree), I am content to serve God wherever He puts me.

Also, today has been a particularly good day for me. We had a farewell lunch for someone from my church who has had a particularly strong influence on me over the past few years (which isn’t a very good thing in itself, although I’m happy for the future potential he has as a pastor that the Church he’s moving to), and it was nice to let him know how much his pastoring and mentoring has meant to me (as I said at the event, he approached a shy, unsure 17-year-old (me at the time), and asked if I would like to join the Youth Ministry team – saying that he saw leadership potential that I had never seen. From there, I have started Bible College, begun preaching at Church, and am walking closer with God than I ever have, which is an enormous change that was sparked by that one event.), and the affirmation that I recieved from him concerning everything that I have been doing over the past two years touched my heart.

Also, within my growing ministry on Tribal Wars, today I discovered another Christian within my tribe (going by the screenname gaditewarrior), who is jumping onboard with the prayer ministry, which has encouraged me greatly, and feels like a silent affirmation that I’ve been doing something right.

So that’s the current state of my life at the moment (aside from mentioning the mass of assignments I’ve got to get done before the end of semester – but let’s focus on happy things for a while) I want to ask you to pray for my ministry on Tribal Wars, pray that the relationships that I’m forming would be as deep as possible, and that the other people within my tribe would be receptive to what I have to say. And please pray that I would be learning from any mistakes that I make quickly, and that God would continue to raise up workers for this harvest, because it seems to be relatively untended ground.


One response to “My Life

  1. Ben, I love reading your blogs. You have always been a thinker and it’s great that you are not ashamed of the gospel. Go all out for Jesus!! Love you.

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