Christianity Vs. the World

One of the interesting things about living on campus at college is that I live very close to Macquarie University, and since I live so close to a Uni, there are posters on every street light advertising various events that different groups are putting on (i.e. the Socialists; the Atheists; the New Agers, etc). The most recent of these is a poster from the Socialist group that meets at Macquarie, this poster is advertising an event where they will be discussing the ‘raunch-society’ of the first world nations today, the degradation of women (along with the gains of feminism), and along with it how Marxism views women. I’ve seen similar posters advertising political information sessions (asylum seeker issues, etc), war protests, and many other groups ‘solutions’ or views on different issues on people’s hearts and minds today.

Something that’s been on my mind for a while about this is ‘Where are the Christians? Why aren’t they advertising similar events expressing their views? ‘ and I have to say my conclusion is that we’re too comfortable sitting in our churches to be in the world spreading the news of the kingdom.

WAKE UP CHRISTIANITY!!!!! There are people out there searching for the answers to life’d questions, and we have them! Why are we not letting them know that?? We are forcing people to turn to these philosophies, when we are sitting in our churches keeping them from finding the Way, the Truth, and the Life! We are moaning about the fact that no-one is coming to churches when were are not giving them a reason to turn up! We need to be looking at the questions that the people around us are asking, and thinking ‘what does the Bible have to say about that?’, and once we have our answers, share them with the world! You’ll be surprised how many people will listen to you if you take the time to sit and answer their questions, and engage with them seriously.

My challenge to you is to find out what the questions the world is asking are. Go to your churches and tell them that these questions are being asked, and that Christians sitting in their churches are not going to help them find the answers. Get the people in your church outside the building, into the world, and encourage them to answer these questions. I don’t deny that this is something I need to do as well, so feel free to follow me up on this if you want.

God Bless.


4 responses to “Christianity Vs. the World

  1. This is a bit of a joke. There are plenty of people doing amazing things at Macquarie university, its stupid to say that there is no one trying to reach people at macquarie university and its even stupider to base that opinion on the fact that you haven’t seen any posters on telegraph poles. On any given day as I walk to uni i will see at least 1 sign that is repping the Christian faith. Personally I think the problem with Christians these days is there ability to point out what Christians are doing wrong and yet do nothing about it, people who whinge on their blogs about there being no posters about Christianity and yet aren’t willing to go and talk to the students at the uni. If your heart is in trying to reach non-Christians go to the uni and try and be real to the people you meet. revolutions start with the individual, don’t challenge others first challenge yourself. I am not trying to offend you I just think its a joke that you are writing a blog and telling people that we aren’t doing enough to reach the people at uni because you haven’t seen any posters. Go to the uni see the things being done there, help them, pray with them and offer them support dont say they arent doing enough just because they dont have posters on signs everywhere.

  2. Bro In was reading this and was thinking about what we’ve been learning in Evangelism principles.
    Though I think that Christian versions of these events can be helpful to non-Christians, Mike has been talking about the need for Christians to be getting involved in peoples lives, making relationships and joining in on the “non-christian” events, not making Christian versions of said events. To be going to the world not trying to get the world to come to you.
    Also Mathew 7:3-5 came to mind as well. Also if you are feeling passionate about it, I’d say get involved in Mac Uni, Tim Blanco does a lot of work over there, so maybe talk to him? Also I know you do preaching at your church, maybe you could do some mission focused sermons, try to get your people motivated into doing mission?
    Not sure you should be ranting on people at mac uni if you’re not actually sure what’s going on there.
    But non-the-less I hope God uses you to make something come out of this.

    God Bless
    Love Ryan.

  3. It’s not so much a rant on Mac uni as using Mac uni as an example of Australia as a whole. These aren’t just questions being asked in Universities, they’re being asked all over. I agree that it’s not so much hosting events as it’s getting involved with people, but it’s also a sad trend that many Christians don’t have that many non-christians they would consider friends – getting like minded people together can often form strong friendships, and that would be my goal if I ever hosted an event like that.

    And Cal, I’m not just winging on a blog, I am trying to get involved, I am excited, I am praying, and I’m doing my best to help. This is meant to be a challenge to me as much as it is meant to be a challenge to everyone who reads it. You can follow me up on that anytime.

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