Everything and Nothing

With College nearly over for another semester,  I feel that I should post something about where I’m at, so here goes…..

I’m sorry that a lot of this blog has turned into my personal ‘let’s rant against the world’ space, but generally when I end up ranting on about something, it’s something that I feel really strongly about (especially if it comes up more than once)! I know that this is my space to do whatever I want with, but I probably should talk about more than the stuff I want to rant about (which explains this post nicely I guess).

There’s been a change in the direction that I feel God’s been pulling me in. I’ve felt for a long time that I need to ‘get out’ of the Christian circles that I’ve been frequenting, and gain some experience outside of Church and College. I’m not totally leaving either, but the realisation that 90% of the people I spend time with are either Christians or family – combined with sitting through two of Mike Frost’s classes this semester – is pushing me to drop back to at most two subjects per semester at college, and find myself some work. I’ve wanted to get into IT for a long time now, so when I found a traineeship position I jumped at it. I’m still waiting to hear back after my interview, but I feel that I’m taking another few steps into what God has for me in the years to come.

This year at college has been wonderfully uncomfortable for me. I’ve had to rethink positions that I’ve held (often nominally, since I wasn’t aware of other views) on a number of occasions, and while I would never classify myself theologically (I don’t want to be kept in a box -by myself or others – when it comes to my Faith), I feel that I have a more structured framework from which I approach life. The practical aspects of college have also challenged me (some of which I’ve already talked about in previous posts), particularly the evangelism field work assessment. You don’t have to have met me for long to realise that I’m very much an introvert, and it has never been easy for me to share my faith with others. Thankfully, God opened up a way in which I did feel more comfortable talking about more serious topics (which has also been discussed below), and I managed to get the assignment done. While the specific circumstances the ministry that I have started on ‘Tribal Wars’ operates in are slowly changing, I plan to continue to try and reach out to the other people playing for as long as God wills.

That’s all I’ve really got on my mind at the moment, could you all please pray for me as I approach exams, and for the ministry on Tribal Wars as it undergoes some changes.

God Bless.


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