Ministry Woes

I’m going through a tough stretch with my ministry on Tribal Wars. Most of it isn’t anything I can control, but I want to sit and talk about it anyway, so here I am.

For a long time, the tribe I was a part of had been in a cold war with a much bigger tribe – they occasionally took some villages from us, we took a couple from them, status quo mostly returned, etc – and a week ago they decided that they were in a position to wipe us out once and for all. The end result of this was the breakup of the tribe, and because of this I’ve lost contact with a lot of the friends that I had made there. I’m not sure where I’m going with that ‘world’ now, as I can either restart it and build everything back up in a new tribe, or quit that ‘world’ and start on a fresh one.

Partly linked to the second option, I’ve started up a tribe on the newest ‘world’ (less that 24 hours old at time of writing) with my little brother – who’s also had a lot of experience on Tribal Wars. This is something new, since I’ve never joined a brand new world with running a tribe in mind. We don’t have many members yet, but we’re kind of on the fringe in a well populated area, so I’m hoping we’ll grow. It’s been an interesting day setting everything up and discussing with the third member of the tribe – who’s American – and I’m hoping some time soon I can report something about what’s happening there.

Still not sure about what I’m doing with the first world though, I might start over in a different area of the world with a new group of people, feel free to suggest ideas, and I’ll keep you posted about that too.




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