Black Stump!!!

So I’ve been at BLACK STUMP this past weekend!! As always, I’ve had waaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyy too many donuts(!!), got drenched, been challenged in my faith, and had a reaffirming that I’m headed in the direction that God has for my life.

What wasn’t part of the usual ‘Stump’ experience for me this year was the opportunity that I had to run an elective (Practical session of teaching essentially) during the weekend, in which I spoke about my passion – online evangelism/digital mission. I was surprised by the turnout – it wasn’t large (by any stretch of the imagination), but there were more people than I expected, and all of them (with the exception of the ‘moral support team’ from my family and church) were already talking to people online, and asking many of the same questions that I had been. I was energized by what was said (by both myself, and by everyone else), and was encouraged to realise that there are others out there having the same ideas that I have been.

That said, there’ll be some changes to this blog, to what I’m already doing, and to my life…….I’m still sorting it out (cause I’m short on sleep and only got home a couple of hours ago), but I’ll probably be following this up by the end of this week (or early next if I’m pressed for time) with some more details. So sorry this is a shorter post than normal, and stay tuned…….

God Bless,


P.S. Welcome to anyone who came to that elective and decided to find my blog!! You guys are included in a fair bit of what I’m thinking about at the moment, so stick around…….. It’s gonna be an exciting journey! Also, if you didn’t get my details (or are just interested in talking to me…), and want to ask questions/make comments, feel free to comment, or to email me at:



3 responses to “Black Stump!!!

  1. Hi Ben…great stuff. I look forward to reading your thoughts and notes. In regards to digital missions I see it as a holistic effort.

    Within my own framework I use FB as a means to engage with many people Christian or note as a place of reality…and it seems Google + is becoming the same type of media. I then use a blog as a means to writer deeper reflections which engages with other areas of digital media.

    I’m not a gamer and don’t know much about the gaming scene. It seems for the most part to operate on pseudonyms where people rarely use real identities and the challenge there in building relationship could be to build up enough relationship to transfer that relationship onto FB or another media – where a deepening of the relationship can occur.

  2. The gaming scene is a little bit different. I (and a few of the others who were at the elective) have found that there are people that are more open when behind a pseudonym. Personally, I feel the same way – it’s easier to tell people I don’t know about my struggles and dreams. I find it easier to start and maintain a friendship where through the games I play – probably because of the sense of shared adventure and a reliance on each other for our avatar’s continued survival.

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