An Announcement

So I have an announcement to make, which was hinted at in my last post……it’s a little exciting, a little daunting (to me at least), and I feel that it’s an important step on the path of where God is leading my life…….So here goes.

I’ve started a second blog, dedicated to sharing about the ins and outs of Digital Missions – rather inventively named the ‘Digital Missions Blog‘. This is something that’s been stirring for a while, particularly since this blog has moved away a lot from what I originally wanted it to be and still want it to be – a place for me to share my more intellectual struggles with what I’m learning, and what’s going on in the world around me – and turned into a place where I’m sharing more and more about what I’m doing as a self-described Digital Missionary – which I don’t feel that this blog is suited to being. So this blog will move back into being a space where I talk about the issues that I’m wrestling with (in all their random goodness), and the new blog will be a place to share about what’s been going on particularly in my experience of digital mission, and to talk about the principles behind digital mission in depth. Also, it is my hope that the Digital Missions Blog will turn out to be something that is more than my own endeavor – I’m hoping and praying that others wrestling with the same questions will find it, and contribute to discussions (and start some, I won’t turn away other authors if they are genuinely interested in writing something useful and relevant, something that everyone can benefit from).

Also, I’m looking into starting a forum with the same sort of idea in mind – a place where people involved in Evangelism/Mission online can get together, encourage one another, and share what’s happening in their lives and ministries. I’m still looking into options here and praying about whether this is the right thing to do, but I’ll let you know when there’s something more concrete. Also, if you know of a good, free, forum provider that doesn’t require a private server, let me know.


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