Some unfinished business

Before I move into a new year of blogging, I thought I should finish my wrapping up posts from 2011. Sorry it’s so late everyone…..

So, my regrets from last year, and my hopes for the one ahead……

Looking back on 2011, there are a few things that I regret. Chief amongst these is the loss if contact with a few of the people that I had come to know so well through my online games – most of them moving on after no longer having the time or inclination to play, and a few that just kinda stopped plating without warning. With the games I’m playing, there isn’t a lot of ways to connect outside of the game (a few games use Skype for real time communication, but I don’t play those anymore – see previous post), so when someone leaves for any reason, more than 90% of the time there’s no way to keep in touch with them (not that I’m great at keeping in touch with friends to start with…..). Whenever someone leaves one of the games I play, I can’t help but think of all of the missed opportunities I had to talk about God with them (often ignoring the conversations I did have with them), and feel some guilt and helplessness when I realise that all I can do now is pray that God brings someone else into their life to build on whatever foundation that He laid through what I’ve said.

I also regret not posting here (and at the Digital Missions Blog) more often. I’ve had several different ideas for posts over the past year, and either haven’t been near a computer, or haven’t found enough time at a keyboard to finish the post, and don’t go back to it later (and then the half written post languishes in the drafts folder forever). I’m working through a couple of the more recent of the latter, but the rule with the way I write is generally – unless an idea really sticks in my mind, or is incredibly current in the wider world (or what passes for the various subcultures I consider myself part of), or I have someone pull me up and remind me that I was gonna write something  (Thanks Craig!) – once an idea has passed on from my mind, I’m not going to come back to it, and thus it will never get written. Hopefully I can be a bit more regular in posting on both of my blogs in 2012, but – as always – I make no promises about posting schedules.

So, enough of my regrets (at least, the ones that I can still remember weeks later), on to my hopes for the year…..

First things first, thanks to some mucking around with what my Bible College course needs, I’m finished with college (for now), and will be graduating with an Advanced Diploma of Ministry in early March. This is the end of a three year journey for me, and one that I’ve had a lot of fun with, but I am glad to have this chapter of my life behind me for a lot of reasons (which I won’t go into here, cause this post is getting a little long…….). I’m also hoping to get an Electrical Apprenticeship soon (which again, I won’t talk  much about here, it’s sort of outside the scope of what I see this blog as), it’s something that feels right for me, and I know that it’s where God wants me to be for at least the next 4-5 years of my life.

There are some big things for this year – things that I’ve been thinking about for ages that finally feel right; and things that I’ve never thought about before, but I’m thinking about them now, and I know I’m thinking about them for a reason. Some of them I don’t want to talk about (cause they’re either more personal than I want to talk about, or they’re just unfinished thoughts that would end up with me rambling), and some of them aren’t ready to be talked about (either the wrong time, or more unfinished thought rambling), but I will keep you posted on some of my ideas as they progress……

So that’s my wrapping up on 2011……again, sorry it’s all so late. I look forward to seeing what I’m going to write in 2012 (hopefully finishing up on some of those drafts to start with, but I never know…..), and I hope that you all enjoy reading/commenting.


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