Science and Christianity

What’s this?? Another post, my third in as many days???* Amazing, I know. Don’t worry though, this is a short one.

The divide between Science and Christianity is a very wide one – to the point where many whom I have encountered (on both sides of the debate) say it’s really a divide between Intellectualism and Blind Stupidity (at least, that’s my understanding of their implications) – particularly in relation to the origins of the Universe, and the origins of life on this planet. I know many people who say that Science must be right (and thus the Bible must be wrong), and just as many people who has the Bible has to be right (and thus Science has no option to be wrong unless it agrees). This is difficult for me, as I walk in both worlds – I love me some Science, the harder it is to wrap my head around the better in some regards, and I have a personal faith in Jesus Christ, and believe that everything the Bible says it true. Knowing this, it may come as no surprise that I have a different opinion to both parties of the debate.

What I believe, as far as the formation of the Universe and the Origin of Life on Earth goes, is that both Science and the Scriptures are correct – in their own way. The Genesis account of creation is not so concerned with HOW the universe and life came to be, as it is concerned with WHO brought them about, and WHY he did so – there are many different things I can point to as evidence for this reading’s plausibility, but I want to keep this short (ask me again sometime). Science is concerned with the HOW, but not the WHO or WHY – simply because asking about the WHO or WHY means going towards subjective opinions, which Science isn’t meant to do (being meant to take objective information and confirm facts from those). This brings my view on this subject to ‘I believe – without a doubt – the God brought the universe into being by His Word, and that he formed the Earth according to His will. What I do not – and cannot – know is the exact details of how He did so. If the Genesis account is 100% correct, then awesome! If the Big Bang Theory and the Theory of Evolution are plausible ways in which God could have done it, then that’s awesome too! If it’s a completely different method that no-one has proposed or figured out yet, that’s awesome as well!’

Some might say that I am skipping the issue somewhat – sitting on the fence to avoid offending both sides – but this isn’t the case. You would be surprised how many Christians I know that dismiss my views on this outright – because I don’t affirm that every word of Scripture is 100% accurate without metaphor or other literary devices to make a hard topic easier to understand – and how many Non-Christians that I know that wonder how I can affirm that their views are plausible, but still choose to believe in an all-powerful Creator that holds the Universe together. The path I walk is one that has a tendency to alienate me from both sides of the argument….but it’s one that I have spent many years personally wrestling with, and my convictions have come out stronger for it.


*For those questioning, my third post across two blogs.


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