Full Circle

Small Note: I’m playing around with the theme of the blog – almost a total overhaul of a lot of the little things – I’m liking the changes so far, but let me know if there’s anything that doesn’t work – if you’re in a different web browser, etc

I’ve had a fairly interesting day – one part of which I found interesting enough that I think it warrants the most blog posts I’ve ever written in a week. I did a variety of different things, some part of commitments I have made to ministries of the Church I attend, some for fun (it is a Saturday after all). One event from the day stands out from the rest, however, in that – thinking about it a few hours later – it seems I have now come full circle in regards to some of my online goings on.

Yesterday I posted about my stance on the interaction between Science and Christianity in regards to the origins of the universe, and the origins of life on Earth. What I didn’t share was that the aformentioned post was directly inspired by a Facebook friend’s status update on the matter. While I respect his views on the subject (which he didn’t really go into), many of his other Facebook friends were affirming his stance, and I felt that I should share my own with them…..when I logged onto Facebook this morning, I found that one of his friends has called me out on my point of view, and engaged me in an argument between his hardline creationist stance, and my ‘Genesis 1-3 isn’t concerned with the HOW’s of creation, so science may be right for all we know’ stance. I honestly can say that I had answered all of his questions as completely as I could (not being an expert on science) with as much tact and sincerity as I could, yet his responses seemed (to me) to become more and more agressive, to the point where he seemed (to me) to stop talking rationally, and instead began an emotionally charged rant on the failings of Science to point towards any conclusive evidence for anything that cannot be observed.

This is the second time this has happened to me during my history of interacting with others online – the first time being the very first time I decided to voice my opinion online, coincidentally about the same subject, while I was meant to be studying for my final exams at school. I was on a unofficial forum set up by students to help other students (with exam tips, copies of past papers, general tips for each subject, etc), when I discovered a very long discussion about religion – particularly the arguments against any form of religion – which I jumped into with a defense of the existence of God (which in hindsight was very close to Pascal’s Wager). The discussion turned to evolution (as they all seem to do), and I stated my thoughts on the matter as succinctly as I could (my thoughts at that point being a less refined rendition of what I posted yesterday, I’ve had over 4 years since then thinking about this sort of stuff). Eventually the discussion turned into an argument where either side wasn’t going to be persuaded either way, and I made the tactful decision to just leave the conversation before either of us got too emotional.

In both these discussions, it quickly became heated, and it became apparent to me that neither side was going to accept the other’s position (to the point where everyone ignored statements they couldn’t refute or didn’t want to talk about), and I simply bowed out rather than continue to waste effort simply making myself (and the other people) more and more frustrated and bitter. The only difference between these two conversations was that one of them was had with a self-professed Atheist, and the other with a Christian with a hardline creationist view of the world. In fact, I think the Atheist may have been more civil than the Christian (but this is going back 4 years, so my memory may be a bit hazy). I’d always thought that Christians would at least be civil when it comes to discussing matters of less importance in the overall scheme of things (as I consider the whole debate to be) – that ripping you hear is the sound of some of my illusions being stripped away….

In any case, it appears that I’ve come full circle arguing about evolution and the origins of the universe. I only wish it had taken longer than 4 years to get there…..


2 responses to “Full Circle

  1. Welcome to the world of Christianity Ben. I think its important to be able to understand a variety of understandings of the Scriptures and why. Lecturers have been sacked, ministers terminated and even students kicked out of colleges for daring to voice and alternate view..and that can be just on the subject of music – yet alone deeper issues.

    For what its worth, I am on your side on this issue.

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