Rules of the Internet

So I’ve been thinking about posting a modified version of ‘The Rules if the Internet‘* for a while now – taking a few from the original (and a couple from other places around the interwebs) and a few of my own observations. This isn’t going to replace my regularly scheduled post, so look forward to that later this week, but I feel like writing a semi-humorous random post today.
The Rules of the Internet (as observed and written by me) are as follows:

1. Anything written online is complete bull unless it can prove otherwise.
1b. Occasionally things that can prove otherwise are complete bull anyway. Be aware!

2. When communicating online, Wheaton’s Law of Online Interactions** Supercedes rule #1

3. It’s safer to assume that everyone you meet is a Troll until you determine otherwise. However, don’t break rule #2 in your assumptions.
3b. Don’t argue with Trolls – to them, it’s an encouraging victory.
3c. When browsing in unknown territory, don’t feed the Trolls+ – it’s safer that way.

4. If it cannot be found online, you are obligated to make sure that future searchers will be able to find it – even if you need to write it from scratch
4b. This applies to everything from hardware issues with a computer, to an in depth analysis of an obscure ancient work.

5. Contrary to popular belief, there are members of the Female Gender on the Internet.
5b. If you are one of the people who believe otherwise, you just inhabit an area of the Internet where no self respecting Woman would ever go.

That’s all I can come up with at the moment – I’ve already spent longer on this than I thought I would for a fun aside – I may port this to a page rather than a post if I can come up with more rules during my travels.

P.s. The links contained in this post may not be safe for Children or the Easily offended – you have been warned.

*’The Rules of the Internet‘ being a loosely defined (and constantly changing) list of forum rules and popular sayings, mostly from the site \b\ – which is will not talk about here (citing rule 1)

**Wheaton’s Law of Online Interactions simply reads as follows: ‘Don’t be a dick’

+by ‘don’t feed the Trolls’, I mean don’t start a topic about anything that they can use to rile other people up.

EDIT: Remember rule #2? Wheaton’s Law of Online Interactions? It’s now got an official day to celebrate it – check it out!


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