Who Am I – hiatus

So the scheduled ‘Who Am I?’ post isn’t going up this week. I sat down this morning to continue write it, and immediately realised that there’s more that I want to say than I was originally planning to – and much more than a few blog posts can comfortably hold. Rather than sorting out what the barest bones of my story is, and posting that, I’m going to put this series on hold. I’ll probably end up posting a conclusion to ‘Who Am I?’ after I’ve done some more thinking and praying about it, but at the moment I think I’m going to end up writing my Autoblography (as a series of posts – possibly a long series), and then finishing this series as an addendum to that.

I’m not sure when this will all come about – I’m still thinking my 21st birthday would be a good time to frame it around – but I’m pretty sure it will happen. Until then, we’ll just have to see what comes up.


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