I’m back!

So it’s been over a month since my last post, and I’d been a bit erratic before that. So much for the schedule I decided to keep at the beginning of the year…… so I’ll play a bit of catch up with you all now that I’m in a blogging frame of mind.

So over the past month I became very busy – I’ve been helping a friend and fellow blogger move into (and renovate) his new house, I’ve done a few days of manual labour for some money (which was really helpful, since I’m not on a regular income at the moment), and the school holidays took place, meaning my access to any sort of computer was limited. Putting this together with not really having anything to say at the moment, and not wanting to waste people’s time (or my own) by rambling on about things that don’t fire my imagination or passions, led to me putting both my blogs aside for a while – along with my online games, the various Internet videos and flash games I play, and almost everything except reading (of which I did a lot over the past few weeks).

There’s not much else I have to say about the past few weeks. Hopefully I’ll still be in the mood to write, something to write about, and the time to do so, next week. Until then, God Bless.


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