About the Author

Hi there!

I’m Ben Larkin, somewhat known around the internet by my pseudonym ‘Fr33Lanc3r’. I’m a recently graduated Biblical Student (Advanced Diploma of Ministry), which also implies that I’m a Christian, which I unashamedly am, even if my views tend to be a bit different from what I see a lot of Christians expressing. Video Games are the most significant of my hobbies, and it is one of my hopes to see this hobby reconciled with society, and especially with the people who share my faith, as more than just a toy for children, but as a serious force that has the potential to be an artform in it’s own right. I enjoy a good book (especially if it’s from the Fantasy genre), a well made video game, a decent movie, any opportunity to write about something (even though the regularity with which I post might suggest otherwise), and spending time with the people I consider to be important in my life.

This blog has lain dormant for a while now, as I’ve been writing for a wonderful gaming news/reviews site by the name of Pixel Judge for much of 2013 – so if you’re after my thoughts on individual games, and the industry as a whole, you’re more than welcome to check out everything that’s been published there. I am however, looking to branch out in my writings again, so if you have anything you’d like to hear my thoughts about – or if you’d like to hire me to write something more serious for a different site/print feature – feel free to contact me at fr33lanc3r_001@yahoo.com.au


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