Concerning the use of Aragorn as the header image, I have the following things to say:

  • Lord of the Rings is one of the greatest fantasy books of all time.
  • I find that Aragorn’s story (he essentially has no permanant calling upon his life for much of his backstory, and for a large portion of the books) has parallels with mine. I don’t feel that I’m involved in a permanant calling at the moment, and I am certain that God has more for me.
  • Then again, I could argue that I find parallels with almost all of the fellowship. Maybe I just picked Aragorn cause that was the best image of a warrior that I could find. Feel free to make your own mind up. I’m not telling.


Welcome to my blog.

I’m planning on using this space of the internet for several things:

  • To provide a space for me to share (and sometimes work out for myself) the things that I’ve been learning both in my personal walk with God, and the stuff that I’ve been studying at college. Some of my thought processes may get confusing at times, so please bear with me.
  • To just write about general stuff that I’m interested in. You’re gonna be hearing about all sorts of things ranging from game releases, to movies that I’ve seen and want to share about, to music that’s making an impact on me, and all sorts of varied other random information.
  • As a sort of social commentary about the world (and church) as I see it. You don’t have to agree with my opinions on anything, and I’m hoping that some debate can arise in the comment threads when this occurs.

One thing I want to clear up before I start is the use of ‘freelancer’ in the title. I don’t mean that God has ‘hired’ me as some sort of mercenary. What I mean is that I am currently investigating where I ‘fit’ in terms of ministry and calling. I call myself a freelancer as I do not feel that my current place in the church is my permanent place within God’s Kingdom, and I am freelancing for the various ministries that I am (and will be) involved in.

So here goes with my first foray into the blogosphere. I hope you enjoy the ride as much as I plan to.